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2009年5月24日 21:35

英会話 レッスン/北千住、日暮里、お茶の水、大手町  Tom先生(イギリス) 先生の写真とコメントも

After living in Japan for one year and teaching English I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to meet so many interesting people, all of who have been so polite and kind. I have been impressed at how dedicated people are to their jobs, working long hours and still finding the time to study English.
 I enjoy teaching students of all levels from beginner to advanced and it is very rewarding when I see students progress and improve in their English ability week after week. Because each student has different ability and different goals, I discuss the learning requirements with each individual in detail in order to establish a suitable structure for the lessons. It is important you are happy with the structure of the lesson as this will of course determine how effectively you will learn. If students are not comfortable with any aspect of the lesson, I urge them to tell me and then we can adjust accordingly.
I am enjoying being in Japan, more so than I ever imagined and I am still overwhelmed at how welcome I have been made to feel. I look forward to continuing to work with you studying English.

 All the very best