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2009年7月 7日 20:42

英会話レッスン/ 蒲田、品川、五反田、新橋、東京 Karlos先生(アメリカ) 写真とメッセージ

Karlos先生(アメリカ)が英会話レッスン希望の生徒を募集中です。蒲田、品川、五反田、新橋、東京など各駅のカフェでマンツーマンレッスンをしています。実務経験もあり、会社員のかた向けのビジネス英語も好評です。 英語がネイティブで、またスペイン語もバイリンガルなので、両方を習っている生徒さんもいます。


My name is Karlos from San Diego, California.

I have been teaching for over 1 year in Japan and I have been the happiest working for IHCWAY because they are flexible with their working hours and with a great learning system. I teach business English since I have experience from the US business industry. I can teach English or Spanish.

I like to challenge students with their skills and learn from them and sharing as much knowledge as possible. I am very down to earth and I feel good every time my students improve their language skills. I am very good at helping with pronunciation skills.

IHCWAY is a Great way to improve your skills and I am available to help you in any way to maximize your Language skills.  

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